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Welcome on the refreshed website of "Our Malawi-cichlids".

With this website we would like to give you an impression of our aquaria and the fish we keep and have kept in them. We would also like to share our experiences with these aquaria and fish.

First, we have to apoligize for a problem with the upper Google search box. We still haven`t been able to solve this. It appears that it doesn t work as we want it to work in Internet Explorer, because it puts the search results over the existing text so that everything becomes unreadable. For a better result you can click on the lower box. You will be sent to an empty page were you can have a better view on your search results.

In 2007, when we started this website, our main intention was to get a better view of how people take care of their Malawi-cichlids at home by including an Aquaria-database. For people who are new with holding Malawi-cichlids it's very useful when they can have a view on how other people do this, so they can learn from them. Above all, seeing different ways of how a Malawi-cichlid tank can be set up and the technical resources used can give a lot of inspiration. Also, it might be useful to know what kind of population can be held in an aquarium with certain measurements.
That`s why we would like to ask you to show your aquarium to other Malawi-cichlid lovers to keep this database growing. Whether you're starting or more experienced with Malawi-cichlids, you can find something here.
In the meantime there is a reasonable number of your aquaria in this Aquaria-database. Please take a look, and if it appeals to you, please send your pictures and the corresponding information to onzemalawicichliden@gmail.com. We can then give your aquarium a place in this database. The more contributions, the better!

We have been photographing more and more, so there has grown a large Malawi-cichlid database. In this database you will find over 1600 species, color variants and several breeding forms which we`ve found at several traders in Western Europe. Of course, not all known species are in this database. However, the most common species offered in trade are probably in it. We assume that anyone who`s going to use this database can find the species with the corresponding information he or she is looking for. If not, you can always contact us on our e-mail address, lower left in the menu bar.

If you want us to place a link to your website, or if you want to place a link to our site, please send us an e-mail.

We hope that every Malawi-cichlid lover finds what he or she is looking for on this non-profit website. We also assume that you understand we spend a lot of energy, time and money on this website where we ask for nothing in return. This is why we ask to respect the following. This website is accesible freely and without any payment for anyone and we'd like to keep it that way.

Unfortunately we regularly notice there are people using pictures from this website without our permission. Worst of all, our name on these pictures is removed by these people. We hope that everyone will respect the following:

All pictures and texts on this website are copyrighted, so you're not allowed to use them without our confirmation.
As soon as we notice abuse of this rule, we will not hesitate and take legal action immediately, according to the copyright law. For every violation we will demand all legal fees and 5,- for every picture daily.

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