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Rhamphochromis sp."lake chilingala" can be found in Lake Chilingala and is living there in open water in the neighbourhood of the intermediate zones from rocks to sand. Lake Chilingala is a small lake east from Sani in the inland of Malawi. In the past this lake probably was part of Lake Malawi however nowadays it isnt connected with it anymore because of a sinking waterlevel.

In the lake this Rhamphochromis species can grow to 10 cm, in the aquarium however they can grow to about 16 cm. Last year I (Thimo) bought a pair of this species from which (at this moment) the male is 14 cm and the female 12 cm. They show themselves quite good in my tank and take care that most of the young fish which are born in this tank got eaten up in order that there are barely young fish in this tank. This was my purpose when I placed them in this tank.

In the lake they are feeding themselves with "usipa" (Engraulicypris sardella), a species which looks like a pilchard. So were dealing here with a species which likes eating fish. In an aquarium its important to offer them mainly food like living small fish, mysis, krill, shrimpmix and sometimes artemia.

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