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Labidochromis sp. "mbamba" is living along the rocky coasts on Mbamba Bay Island. The males are blue with four vertical black stripes over the body, the females are very dark.

In my aquarium they behave very quiet, they leave other habitants alone. When fully grown, this species is not very large. Males grow to about 10 cm and the females stay - like many other species - smaller. The male in my aquarium is now 7 cm and the females 5-6 cm.

According to literature it is a territorial species which defends some space around a hole. We haven't noticed it yet in this aquarium. The male is mainly swimming in open water in the central part of my aquarium except when he's chasing a female, then hes also swimming between the rocks sometimes.
During mating-season, before the female deposes her eggs, this behaviour changes and the male becomes territorial, then he starts defending a flattened piece of rock or a strip of sand on which he seduces a female. He leaves the other fish alone.

They are very easy concerning food, they will eat anything offered. However it is also an "mbuna", they feed mainly on spirulina or shrimp-peas mix and sometimes I give them artemia`s.

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