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Pseudotropheus cyaneorhabdos (formerly known as Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos) is also known under the name of Melanochromis maingano and it can be found near Maingano Island, nearby Likoma Island.
The males of this species are coloured black with lightblue stripes in the length of the body and on the fins. The females look almost exactly the same as the males, they are just a little bit lighter.

Pseudotropheus cyaneorhabdos is living in Lake Malawi in a rocky area where they defend their territory fiercely, especially in mating-season. They have to be kept in a large aquarium with lots of hideouts. They can be repulsive against other fish of their own kind, they leave other fish alone. I first had two males with four females in my aquarium but because the males kept fighting I had to catch one out and sell him.

When fully grown, this species is not very large. Males grow to about 10 cm and the females stay - like many other species - smaller. They are easy to keep and they will have offspring very fast, if they are kept under the right conditions. I've had lots of youngs from them and there are some swimming around at the moment.

This species lives in an environment which is rich of algae, so you have to feed it things like spirulina or peas.

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