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Metriaclima sp."zebra long pelvic" is mainly living in intermediate zones from rocks to sand and this variant can be found in the neighbourhood of Chesese, Mdoka and Ngara. The one in my aquarium is a descendant of the Mdoka variant.

In autumn 2007 I`d put a group of six of these cichlids in my tank, three males and three females. At that time they were at a size of about 5 cm. Meanwhile the males are grown to about 10 cm, the females are about 8 cm in this moment (september 2008). I expect they grow a little taller because they are now at a size they are about in the lake and usually they grow taller in an aquarium when they have a good feeding.

Up till now the males behave very tolerant against each other, but probably I`m going to remove two males so that one male stays with three females. Iīve removed them in 2009 so nowadays - february 2013 - I still have a nice group of one male and three females swimming around here.
Against other inhabitants they are also quite tolerant, except when it`s mating-season. Then the male chases every fish away from his territory between the rocks which he defends fiercely then. The females are very tolerant and peaceful. It took a while before the males got fully coloured but know they look very beautiful.

Itīs very important to give them food which is rich of algae like spirulina pellets or flakes. This should not be missing on their menu. Sometimes you can also offer them mysis, artemia, cyclops and shrimp-peas mix.

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