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In the lake Otopharynx lithobates is living in rocky environments, usually in big caves. They can be found in the southern part of the lake near Mumbo Island, Thumbi West and Thumbi East, Zimbawe Rock, Chinyanwezi, Domwe Island and Monkey Bay. This variant is from Zimbawe Rock. In an aquarium it is also necessary for them that there are a lot of hiding places.

At the end of august 2008 I bought a trio of this species, one male and two females. From these young fish the male is - in this moment - about 10 cm and the females are about 8 cm.
They are showing themselves quite good in this tank and the male is colouring nice now. Up till now the male is very tolerant against his females, probably because they are very young. They are also very tolerant against the other inhabitants and they have also been accepted by the other fish in this tank. The pictures of this species are not all showing a full coloured male yet, we'll put more of them on this site in the future when he's completely coloured.

In the lake they are seeking the sand and eat faeces of other, mainly vegetation eating, fish.
In the aquarium they are comfortable with any food. They take everything they get offered, like spirulina pellets, mysis, artemia, cyclops and shrimp-peas mix etc.

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