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Protomelas sp."hertae" can be found near the islands Thumbi West, Likoma, Chizumulu, Nakantenga and the Maleri's. They are living there in reasonable shallow water, in rocky environments and also in the intermediate zones from rocks to sand. These are F1 offspring examples of the variant which can be found in the neighbourhood of Maleri Island.

In the beginning of 2016 I bought a young pair of this species. At that time they were about 10 cm. In this moment they have been fully grown to beautiful fish from which the male is about 17 cm now and the female about 11-12 cm.
As mentioned above in the lake they live together with mbunas in rocky environments and also in the intermediate zones from rocks to sand. In an aquarium it is also going to be pretty well together and most of the times they are very tolerant towards all the other inhabitants. However, this changes when itīs mating time. Then the male starts defending the left corner in front of my tank which he takes temporary possession of then. He doesnīt permitt any other fish to come close in this corner and he fiercely attacks every fish who dares to come near. Sometimes this leads to heavy scenes however he doesnīt hurt them though, heĻs only chasing them away.

Protomelas sp."hertae" is a cichlid which can be hold best with multiple females in a large tank with a lot of swimming space and multiple hideouts. It's possible to keep them together with large mbunas but it's necessary there's enough space for them.
In my aquarium they eated everything I offered.

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