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Metriaclima greshakei is a beautiful light blue coloured fish with an orange-red backfin. The females are brown. In the lake they are living in rocky environments in the neighbourhood of Makokola Reef and Crocodile Reef.

Metriaclima greshakei can grow quite large. The male my father kept in his tank a few years ago was about 15 cm, the females 10 to 12 cm. Because this species is an inhabitant of rocky areas they have to be kept in a tank with many hideouts.
In my fathers aquarium they were very productive, the male had three females. As soon as the females released their offspring, the male was displaying again, and it didn't last long before they were busy again. This led to a huge explosion of the population in his aquarium, which made my father decide to replace this species with a less productive one. This doesn't take away that they are a lust to see. The male was very agressive and territorial against other inhabitants.

Since the end of august 2008 I have four Metriaclima greshakei in my tank because I think they are really beautiful. I hope they are going to do as well as in my fathers tank. In this moment they are already adjusted to the other inhabitants and the male has already conquered his own place in this tank. These are very young fish - in this moment - the male is about 8 cm and the females about 7 cm. Apart from that, some of these pictures are taken when they where in my old tank, which was for quarantine for a few days.

Itīs very important to give them food which is rich of algae like spirulina pellets or flakes. This should not be missing on their menu. Sometimes you can also offer them mysis, artemia, cyclops and shrimp-peas mix.

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