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Pseudotropheus sp."elongatus spot" is living along rocky coasts between CobuŽ and Liuli.
The male has a darkblue-blackish body with - on the head - some small lightblue stripes and on the top of its body some small blue spots. In general the females have more lighter colours however when these cichlids are frightened the males also become very light coloured so that they are no longer distinguished from the females. The male in my aquarium (Thimo) is not yet full-grown, he`s about 7 cm in this moment (August 2009), the females are a little smaller, about 6 to 7 cm.

It's a very gentil species which is chased away more than it`s chasing others. They haven't shown any reproduction behaviour in my tank so perhaps they will behave completely differently then.

In the aquarium it is very important we give them food rich of algae like spirulina pellets or flakes, this shouldnīt be missing on their menu. You can sometimes offer them mysis, artemia, cyclops and shrimp-peas mix as well.

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