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Metriaclima callainos is living in rocky environments. They can be found along the northwestern coast of the lake from Kande Island to Ngara and also along the northeastern coast between Ikombe and the Ruhuhu River.
This species belongs to the big group of zebra cichlids which are living all around the lake in rocky sediment free habitats.
From this species are existing two forms namely a blue and a white variant. In trade the blue variant is offered frequently as "cobalt blue", "bright blue" or "zebra blue" and the white variant is offered frequently as "zebra pearly".
The white variant can be found along the western coast between Ruarwe and Ngara and along the eastern coast north from Manda. The blue variant can be found on all the other finding locations.

Last year Iīve got the chance to take over a group young F1 callainos which Iīve placed immediately in my livingroom aquarium. This species is really attracting attention by its bright blue color and itīs definitely worthwile to have it once in your aquarium.
Sometimes the males can be quite intolerant against conspecifics, ususally they leave other inhabitants alone.
This species is not growing very large, in an aquarium the males can reach a maximal size of 14 cm and the females about 11 cm. In this moment - february 2013 - both males and females are about 10 cm.
Because this is a species which defends its territory fiercely in the rocky environment where he used to live - specially in mating-season - you need to hold it in an aqaurium with a lot of hiding places.

Itīs very important to give them food which is rich of algae like spirulina pellets or flakes. This should not be missing on their menu. Sometimes you can also offer them mysis, artemia, cyclops and shrimp-peas mix.

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