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For the collecting of the data provided with each species we have done the necessary searching on the internet and we have used the following books:


Atlas der Malawiseecichliden, part 1 to 3
Back to Nature Guide for Malawi Cichlids
Das große Buch der Malawi Cichliden
The Cichlids Yearbook, volume 1 to 6
Malawi Cichlids in their natural habitat, part 1 to 5
African Cichlids 1 (Malawi-Mbuna)
African Cichlids 3 (Malawi-Kaiserbuntbarsche/Peacocks)
Malawisee-Cichliden aus Tansania
Aqualex catalog, Malawisee Cichliden/Cichlids from Lake Malawi
Cichlids - The pictorial Guide
Offshore Cichlids of Lake Malawi

Ad Konings - Cichlid Press
Ad Konings - Cichlid Press
Ad Konings - Cichlid Press
Red.Ad Konings - Cichlid Press
Ad Konings - Cichlid Press
Erwin Schraml
Erwin Schraml
Andreas Spreinat
Andreas Spreinat - Dähne Verlag
Pablo and Ian M.Tepoot
George F.Turner
We would like to thank the following companies/shops and the people who work there for letting us take pictures of their fish but specially for their help and hospitality: