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Since 2016 I have a bigger aquarium with the dimensions 200x80x60 cm (960 liter). The back-and rearwalls are from Juwel which I kept simple deliberately, because in future I want to have another (bigger) tank than this one.

To prevent breaking of the glass there are tempex plates lying on the bottom of 2 cm thickness. On this were placed rocks, “Grauacke”, and well-washed sand. After that the rest of the rocks were placed and the tank was filled with water. Further water treatment isn´t necessary because the water values are suitable for the fish, according to our water company.

This aquarium is filtered through 2 filters. The first one is an Eheim-pot ( type 2213, 440 liter/hour ), only filled with cotton-wool.
The second filter is a JBL cristalprofi e1901 (1900 liter/hour). At first I connected this filter in the same way as my father did and led the outflow through a closed pvc-tube on top of my tank however when it became affected with mildew I was obliged to change this into a normal outflow.

For the lighting I use two Grolux 58W lamps from which one is burning from 9.30 to 23.30 and the other one from 12.00 to 20.00 This results in a good grow of algae on the rocks.

The temperature is practically continuous on 25-26 degrees Celsius.

I took over the "Anubias nana" from my old tank into this new one because the fish leave these plants alone very well. Furthermore I have one Microsorium pteropus and I also placed some Vallisneria spiralis in this new tank. Despite that the Vallisneria was being eaten in the beginning it´s being left alone now.

Some pictures, from the left to the right.

In the beginning the population mainly existed of "mbuna´s" from rocky habitats but in the course of time I changed it into fish from intermediate zones from rocks to sand. At the moment ( October 2017 ) I have the following species in it:

Cynotilapia aurifrons “Chilumba”, 1 male with 2 females
Hemitaeniochromis sp. “spilopterus yellow” Mdoka, 2 males with 3 females
Labeotropheus fuelleborni “marmelade”, 1 male with 4 females
Nimbochromis linni, 1 male with 1 female
Otopharynx sp. “spots” Sani, 1 male with 3 females
Petrotilapia sp. “chitimba”, 1 male with 2 females
Protomelas sp. “spilonotus Tanzania”, 1 male with 3 females
Rhamphochromis sp. “lake chilingala”, 1 male with 1 females

For the ones who think it´s interesting to see my old tank, click on this link.( Previous aquarium, 2005-2016 )

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