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This is an aquarium measuring 200x80x70cm, about 1120 liter. This aquarium has been in my livingroom for three years now (since september 2014). This aquarium has got another place in my livingroom then the previous one from which I thought it necessary to replace because there were several scratches all over the window.

The back-and rearwalls are from Akwaline, this time they were not homemade like in my previous tanks.

On the bottom are tempex plates to prevent breaking of the glass. On top of that are the first rocks, "Grauacke", and well-washed sand. I then put the other rocks in and filled my aquarium with water, which has a pH of 7,9 and a dH of 8,6 (according to our water company). I'm not doing any water treatments, because my fish like this environment.

I'm filtering over three different loose filters. The first one is an Eheim-pot ( type 2213, 440 liter/hour ), only filled with cotton-wool. From this filter the water goes to a closed pvc-tube on top of my tank. In this tube from 60 cm long and 5 cm width are drilled little holes and is filled with ceramic pipes. The water flows back into my aquarium through the little holes.
The advantage is that there is a continuous gas exchange, which results in a higher degree of oxygen in my aquarium.
The second filter is also an Eheim-pot ( type Eheim professionel 4+ , 1050 liter/hour ), filled with several filtermaterials. From this one the water is led back in the tank through an outflow and is spraying over the watersurface.
The third filter is a JBL cristalprofi e1901 with a capacity of 1900 liter/hour. From this one the water is also led back in the tank through an outflow and is also spraying over the watersurface.

To create light, I'm using two Grolux 58W lamps. These lamps are turned on at 9.30 am and they go out at 23.00 pm so this aquarium is lit 13, 5 hours. This results in a good grow of algae on the rocks. Beside these lamps there are also four "Trocal super color plus" 58W lamps on top of this tank however I never turn them on beacause the light is too bright in this tank then, at least in my opinion.

The temperature fluctuates between 24 degrees Celsius in winter months and 28 degrees Celsius in the summer.

As vegetation I'm using Anubias "nana" and Anubias "barteri", which are doing pretty good, but they don't grow in Lake Malawi. The fish are leaving these plants alone. I used to use Vallisneria Spiralis, Ceratophyllum Demersum (when it was in stock) and Microsorium pteropus, but my fish always ate the Vallisneria.

The picture below is from this aqurium shortly after it was decorated and with the "mbuna" population however at that time there were barely algae present in it.

aqua johan overzicht

Until several months ago (2017), this aquarium's population mainly existed of "mbuna's" however I decided mainly to keep "non-mbuna's" in it from now on. At the moment ( October 2017 ) I have the following species in it:

Aulonocara jacobfreibergi "Otter Point", 1 male with 3 females
Lichnochromis acuticeps, 1 male with 1 female
Metriaclima hajomaylandi, 1 male with 2 females ( the only "mbunaīs" in this tank)
Nimbochromis linni, 1 male
Otopharynx sp."spots" Sani, 1 male with 3 females
Protomelas sp."hertae", 1 male with 3 females
Protomelas sp."taiwan reef", 1 male with 3 females
Sciaenochromis fryeri, 1 male with 2 females

For the ones who think itīs interesting to see my old tank, click on this link.( Previous aquarium, 2005-2014)

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